Dameva files lawsuit to the PPO for the manner in which she was dismissed from the Judicial Council head position


The former head of the Judicial Council, VesnaDameva, submitted a lawsuit to the Administrative Court for the manner in which she was dismissed from office, and submitted a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) Skopje. With the lawsuit to the Administrative Office, she disputes the legality of the decision to dismiss her.

“Taking into account my commitment to the rule of law and the fact that any illegality should be investigated and determined in a procedure and in a manner in accordance with the law, I filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court, with which I challenge the legality of the decision made to dismiss me from the position of president of the Judicial Council of the RNM. The decision was made without the existence of a legal basis and without the procedure prescribed by law being carried out,” said Dameva in a statement to the media.

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