Lukarevska: The interest will be higher with civil bonds than with bank deposits


The new civil bond, which was severely criticized by the opposition, is a new financial instrument that can strengthen economic flows in the state and will significantly help the citizens, claimed the director of the Public Revenue Office (PRO), Sanja Lukarevska, in an interview with TV 24.
Lukarevska adds that this measure is foreseen in the plan for accelerated growth, but the civil bond is also foreseen for the budget for 2023.
The PRO head assures that the interest will be higher than for bank deposits, and lower if the state borrows abroad.
“The state receives a flow of revenues within the budget, but this does not mean that we have had poor collection or we are building certain other empty holes. This is a mitigating circumstance, and of course after the first delivery we will see what the effect will be,” Lukarevska

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