Educators protest in front of Ministry of Education


The Independent Trade Union for Education – NSON held a protest in Skopje on Wednesday, as they stressed, in the interest of the rights of educational workers and demanded not to combine teaching subjects and to respect collective agreements.

They announced that if there is no hearing and if radical changes do not occur soon on the part of the MES, they will call for more radical steps to be taken, which means organizing a “plain or white strike” depending on union support.

The members of the union are dissatisfied with the announcements about the merger of several teaching subjects Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Civic Education, Ethics, Informatics and Technical Education. According to the president of the Independent Trade Union for Education, TomislavGievski, such an occurrence can cause the loss of a part of the jobs, and at the same time violates the professional integrity of the workers.

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