Private buses back on the streets of Skopje on Wednesday


The private bus companies, after a long-term break, are starting again to operate through the streets of Skopje, after reaching a new agreement with the Public Traffic Company Skopje on Tuesday.

The news was published on the Facebook page of JSP Skopje, where it is stated that an agreement has been signed with the private bus companies and starting from tomorrow they will start running again through the streets of the capital.

“With the new way of working and standardization in public transport, citizens will receive quality and timely service, and the budgets of the City of Skopje and JSP Skopje will be protected from the abuses and arbitrariness that was the practice in the past,”reads the JSP Skopje’s press release.

Otherwise, the private buses have not operated since November last year after their contract was terminated by the City of Skopje.

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