Term “20 percent”to not be replaced by “Albanian language” in the Constitution, says Bytyqi


The vice-prime minister and vice-president of SDSM, FatmirBytyqi, stated that the“20 percent” term will not be replaced by the words “Albanian language” in the Constitution.

Bytyqistated in Alsat TV show “200” that apart from the change of the Preamble with the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, the expert working group does not have a mandate to discuss other changes in the highest legal act of the state. He is confident that the MP majority has the necessary 80 votes for constitutional changes.

“The working group that has a mandate for constitutional amendments announced that it has no mandate either for amendments or for discussions on other constitutional amendments, except for those related to the European path. I don’t think there is an Albanian MP who will vote against European integration,” said Bytyqi.

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