Arachinovo residents left without water due to debts to EVN since 2006 – they demand tolerance!


The residents of Arachinovo have not had water for three days, because EVN cut off the electricity supply to the municipality’s water pumps. The reason is unpaid debts from 2006. The mayor of Arachinovo, Ridvan Ibrahimi, says that this is an injustice because such a thing has been tolerated for 15-20 years.

“Although they have offered me several installments, they are unacceptable. I asked for some form of relief for that financial burden that I am still interested in offering, but to offer what I can,” said Ibrahimi.

“The municipality of Arachinovo has an existing contract for the payment of the accrued electricity debt in installments, which has not been respected and offered an additional contract for the payment of the accrued debt in installments, because it is large and accumulated,” EVN told TV21.

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