Kovachki demands Ahmeti to answer whether the working group discussed the redefinition of the state, because Kovachevski is irrelevant


Again today we are in the campaign “This is Macedonia for all” visiting the Municipality of Pehchevo in the towns of Crnik and Pancharevo. Citizens are angry because the SDS has not delivered what it promised them, they promised life and brought poverty, penury and national humiliation, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Dragan Kovachki pointed out during the field activity of VMRO-DPMNE on Saturday.

Kovachki added that historically Macedonia suffered injustices. He stressed that the answer to that question should not directed to Kovachevski, because he was not relevant.

“He is not capable of resigning himself if he does not ask Xhaferi or Ahmeti. MP Ali Ahmeti should answer this question,” said the opposition MP.

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