Chulev: Citizens pay EUR 10,000 per month for the salaries of three directors


For the salaries of the directors of the three state agencies from the security sector, citizens pay almost 10 thousand euros in just one month. The average salary of each of them, according to the legally established coefficient and other allowances, is about 3 thousand euros per month, said former Interior Minister Nakje Chulev in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“When the citizens barely make ends meet, the total amount that the state spends every month for the salaries of only three people, i.e. the Directors of the National Security Agency, the Intelligence Agency and the Operational Technical Agency, amounts to an astonishing 600,000 denars. On an annual level, almost 7,200,000 denars are spent only for the directors of these three institutions. The salary of each of these three directors is even higher than the salary of the President of the country and the Prime Minister,” reads Chulev’s post.

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