Construction of the corridors will create 8,000 new jobs, says Lukarevska


With the adoption of the legal amendments, the way has been opened for faster and cheaper construction of the highway sections of corridors 8 and 10D, the largest strategic and infrastructure project in the country, noted the deputy leader of SDSM Sanja Lukarevska at the “Results that make a difference” panel with a focus on infrastructure, which took place in Bitola.

Lukarevska stressed that domestic companies will be involved in the construction of the corridors.

“The realization of this strategic project, where it is planned to include domestic companies, means 8,000 new jobs, new investments of 1.3 billion euros and a nominal GDP growth of 2 percent per year in the next five years. These are results that make a difference, that is the essence of this slogan, we are building for the future,” pointed out Lukarevska and added that with EU membership, these results will double or triple

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