Bulgarians campaigning for the assimilation of Macedonians in Albania


The president of the only Macedonian party in Albania, Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI), Vasil Sterjovski, warns of a new Bulgarian campaign for the assimilation of Macedonians in Mala Prespa.
Twenty years ago in Prespa we had an infestation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect, who, wanting to take advantage of the economic situation, chose no means to change the faith of the Macedonians. They came to our homes, they did not stop on the street, offering money, food, books, they organized summer camps for young people, but they failed in their intention because the Macedonians did not accept them, Sterjovski claims.
He adds that “Jehovah’s witnesses appeared again in Prespa, but this time in the face of Bulgarian propagandists”.

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