The people clearly see that the situation in the country with this Government is intolerable, says Petrushevski


VMRO-DPMNE MP Brane Petrushevski stressed that in the Republic of N. Macedonia the citizens live hard, but the impulse of the people says that this kind of incompetent Government is coming to an end.
“Epic incompetence is also evident at the central level, where we have a prime minister who is incapable of going to a leadership meeting by himself, but needs someone to watch his back. Together with the citizens, we continue to listen to the voice of the people, to listen to and feel the impulse, and that impulse tells us that serious changes will happen to the Republic of Macedonia very soon. “Very soon, this reincarnated government of DUI supported by SDS will begin to return the stolen money and answer for all the troubles they have caused to these citizens for these six years,” pointed out Petrushevski.

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