Trenchevska: The social protection system provides support for homeless people


The Macedonian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovanka Trenchevska on Thuesday addressed the scientific-professional debate on the scientific-research study prepared by a research team within the project “Pathways of homeless persons: before and during homelessness”. The scientific and professional discussion is organized by the Faculty of Security – Skopje.

“The occurrence of homelessness in RNM has been present for a long time and is a complex problem. There remains the need for greater involvement and coordination of all sectors in order to overcome the problems faced by this category of persons. Through the Law on Social Enterprises, activities aimed at improving or acquiring new qualifications, knowledge and skills of persons at risk of social exclusion will be started, through training and work, with the aim of easier access to the labor market and integration into the labor market,” Trenchevska added.


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