Spasenovski: From a legal point of view, constitutional amendments with delayed action are possible, Macedonia has already done this once  


University professor of constitutional law, Aleksandar Spasenovski talked with Telma TV about the proposal of the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, for the delayed implementation of the constitutional amendments until the state’s membership in the European Union, says that from an internal legal aspect, this is possible by emphasizing that N. Macedonia has a practice with delayed constitutional amendments.

“Regarding the delayed implementation of the constitutional amendments, we need to distinguish here between technical internal possibility and real political feasibility of the idea of ​​delayed implementation of the constitutional amendments. If we analyze from an internal legal point of view whether it is possible, the answer is yes and it will be foreseen in the constitutional law for the implementation of the Constitution which would be conditioned immediately after the decision to promulgate the Constitution. We have already done that once after the last constitutional amendments from 2019, when in the constitutional law for the implementation of the Constitution in its article 1 it was provided that these constitutional amendments will enter into force at the moment when the validity of the temporary agreement ceases, and when it enters the Protocol for the country’s membership in NATO is in force,” elaborated Spasenovski.

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