Mickoski: If we really accepted the constitutional amendments, SDSM would celebrate and not hold meetings to inform the membership that they are losing power




If we had really accepted those constitutional amendments as they lie, they would have celebrated and put an item on the agenda in the Parliament for constitutional amendments, instead of this they are holding a meeting today on how to tell the membership that they are losing power, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at a forum in Ohrid called “Policies for strong culture and developed tourism”.

“Put aside those euphoric announcements of the SDS, those fake embraces on the subject of constitutional amendments and violent joys of the party in power, which spreads the lie that VMRO-DPMNE supposedly accepted the constitutional amendments that are a consequence of the Bulgarian diktat. I quite knowingly let them blow the balloon, because just around the corner it can be seen that screwed up and this lie blew up like a bubble,” Mickoski said.


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