It’s realistic to expect that Bulgaria may have new demands and conditions for Macedonia, says Spasenovski


Bearing in mind the fact that the main brake is the reason why the European integration is not taking place with the accelerated dynamics, and that is the bilateral problem with the Republic of Bulgaria. Also, a challenge for this country will be the new requirements that would come in that sense as a result of the realization of, let’s say, the commitments to change the Constitution by integrating the Bulgarians into the constitutional legal system of the country, Constitutional Law Professor Aleksandar Spasenovski told Radio Free Europe on Sunday.

Spasenovski adds that we can realistically expect new demands from Bulgaria for Macedonia.

“It is about a situation in which the Republic of Bulgaria gets the opportunity in each of the chapters to try to realize its particular political interests related to the status, the place and the role of this ethnic community that lives in the Republic of Macedonia,” said the law professor.



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