Instead of cowardly ruffling feathers, Kovachevski should accept a TV debate and face the arguments and the truth, says opposition


Kovachevski cowardly tried to ruffle feathers, manipulate and lie about the leaders’ meeting, only to not give a concrete answer which of the two proposals of VMRO-DPMNE he accepts. Instead of detouring and wasting time inventing, let him give a concrete answer which proposal for a way out of the EU integration impasse he accepts, says VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Friday.
“The two proposals, apart from untying the European integration future, also enable a protected identity and secure national and state interests. Any normal person would like to protect and strengthen the positions of the state, but unfortunately, we see that Kovachevski avoids this, which raises suspicions that he is preparing new concessions in the interest of Bulgaria in the negotiation process,” the largest opposition party said.

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