Activist Suad Misini starts hunger strike in front of Parliament


Activist Suad Misini started a hunger strike in front of the Parliament building on Monday, because, as he said, the problem with phantoms – people without documents, is not being solved by the state.
Misini addressed the public last week, but above all the president of the country, the prime minister and the president of the Parliament, to pass all the necessary laws, as he said: “I urge you to put a Macedonian flag to life, meaning – immediately!”
“If this issue is not closed by June 19, 2023 (Monday), on the same day I will start an unconditional and unlimited hunger strike, which will last until this problem is resolved. Or to a tie. And that, according to medical science, lasts up to 3 days tops. If the most powerful decide that way, it won’t last long,” Misini said.

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