Kovachevski counters Crvenkovski: The country can become an EU member in six years


Asked by the media, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski on Tuesday commented and denied the statement of the former President and Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski, as well as the ex-leader of SDSM, and stressed that N. Macedonia will become a member state of the European Union in 2030.

“Let’s not forget that Mr. Branko Crvenkovski was prime minister for eight years and was president of the country for five years, which is 13 years of holding top positions in the state. He has had many experiences during his terms and has participated in making a large number of decisions,” PM Kovachevski pointed out, stressing his opinion on Branko Crvenkovski. But Kovachevski also countered Branko Crvenkovski’s position and said that he believes that N. Macedonia will become a member state of the EU by 2030.

“At one point, some things may seem difficult or unachievable, for example I have talked with his colleagues who were advisors in his office. They say that since then, from that period, it was incomprehensible that an agreement could be reached with Bulgaria, Greece, and that the country would ever become a member of NATO. However, from this perspective, today we see that it was possible to reach an agreement and become a NATO member country,” said Kovachevski.

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