Corruption and organized crime deserve more attention in coming weeks, Drexler says


The Government’s commitment to the European path and the goal of EU membership also entails an effective fight against corruption and organized crime. I believe these are topics that deserve more attention in the coming weeks and months. Citizens do not want to pay the price for this, for corruption to remain unpunished and be a burden for the society, says Germany’s Ambassador Petra Drexler.
Ambassador Drexler told TV24 that inclusion of the Bulgarian minority in the Constitution Preamble is part of the Negotiating Framework, which North Macedonia concluded with 27 EU member-states.
“The Negotiating Framework is a sufficient guarantee that after the Bulgarians are included in the Constitution, no additional conditions will stand on the country’s path to Brussels,” says Drexler and hopes that the constitutional amendments will soon be adopted in the Parliament.
Drexler adds that the Bundestag has called on the government to support North Macedonia in its EU reform efforts. MPs once again demonstrated their respect for the Macedonian language, Macedonian identity and Macedonian culture, noted Drexler.

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