Kovachevski: The interest of the country must come first, the dialogue with the opposition should continue


Citizens want to live in the EU and we need to make the decision for the sake of the citizens, the interest of the country, the people must be put first, said SDSM leader and PM Dimitar Kovachevski at the “Results that make a difference” forum held in Kumanovo, on the topic “MK in the EU by 2030”.
In his address to the attending, Kovachevski called for unity when it comes to the future of the state and the interests of the citizens, stressing that the responsibility is shared by all political actors, but also that it is not the time for populist rhetoric.
“We are on the right track and now is the time to continue on the right track. The difference is between isolation and EU integration. Before all of us is a historic chance to continue the country’s European path, for which we have unprecedented and strong support from our strategic partners, the EU and the United States”, Kovachevski said.

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