Mother and sister of underage Belgrade school mass murderer tried to cross from Serbia to Macedonia


The mother and sister of the 13-year-old boy who committed the mass murder in the “Vladislav Ribnikar” Elementary School in the central Belgrade neighborhood of Vrachar tried to leave Serbia, but were stopped at the “Prohor Pcinjski” border crossing to N. Macedonia.
“The mother and sister of K. K. tried to leave the country through the “Prohor Pcinjski” border crossing, towards North Macedonia, but the police immediately stopped them and they were sent back to Serbia,” Serbian media report.
The boy’s father is in custody, which was extended for another 30 days at the beginning of the month, on suspicion that he trained him to use a firearm, and that he did not secure the weapon as required by law.
The Prosecutor’s Office is also checking whether M. K., the boy’s mother, could be charged with neglect and abuse of a minor.

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