Poll: Economy, crime, and corruption are the biggest problems for Macedonians


Almost half of the respondents at the latest public opinion poll think that the country’s largest problems are the economy and the reduced business activities, followed by the dysfunctional judicial system, that is the crime and the corruption (26.7%), the poll conducted by Market Vision revealed on Sunday.
Asked if they think that N. Macedonia is moving in the right direction, only a small part of the respondents (14.2%) answered positively. A bit over one quarter of them think that the country is stagnating, while enormous 55.5% think that Macedonia is moving in a wrong direction. Respondents of ethnic Albanian background are much more positive about the country’s future, then their ethnic Macedonian compatriots.
Compared to the last poll by the same agency in February, the number of respondents who think that the corruption is rising has significantly increased (79.8%).

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