Miteva: For an electricity bill of MKD 5,500, citizens will have to pay over MKD 6,000 starting July 1


With SDS and DUI in power, from 2017 until today, electricity has become more expensive by more than 50%. Not a year goes by without a raise. SDS attacks the people in order to fill the budget that they spend on tenders and crimes, said the VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva in a press briefing on Friday.

“Starting tomorrow, citizens will pay more expensive electricity because the government is increasing the VAT from 10 to 18%. The increase is only because the government wants to collect more money in the budget, which it has been stealing for years.

On average, the largest number of households will have an increase of 2.88% and 9.99%. That would mean that on an account of MKD 5,500 the increase will be over MKD 500. And the bills for July, instead of the previous MKD 5,500, will be over MKD 6,000,” said Miteva.

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