Education Ministry to announce school year start in ten days


Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri announced Thursday that the Ministry come out with a statement on whether the school year will be moved from its standard starting date – September 1, and that next week the Ministry will present three proposals for the beginning and end of the school year before the commission for human resources.

“The Union of High-School Students will also be included, as well as the trade unions whose opinions will be heard by the members of the commission. I believe that in 10 days’ time we will have a final statement on which proposal will be accepted,” Shaqiri told reporters.

The first proposal states that the school year should start as before – September 1, the second is for it to start on September 11, with no spring break, and last until the middle of June, and the third is for the school year to start on September 1, with a five-day spring break, and end in mid-June.

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