Kovachevski and Mexhiti don’t procure medicines for cystic fibrosis patients and insult them


The Minister of Health, Fatmir Mexhiti, and the Government led by Dimitar Kovachevski, instead of caring for citizens and patients, started insulting them. Mexhiti and Kovachevski, instead of doing everything to ensure that patients with cystic fibrosis get their medication, they insult them, that is, they play games with them, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release as a reaction to the expressed views of Health Minister Mexhiti.

Mexhiti called the cystic fibrosis patient who requested the Tricafta medication and who took to social media to alert the public a showman because apparently he can’t do otherwise. He pointed this out in an interview for a media outlet, in which he said about the patient: “How can one take a photo in the ward, it is forbidden to take a photos or footage on cameras”.


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