Mickoski on Marichikj’s statement that the road is clear for constitutional changes: The road is clear only for snap elections, the Government has no legitimacy


The road is clear for snap general elections this fall. In this way, we will save the citizens from additional shame, betrayals that Bojan Marichikj and others like him are doing, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in relation to the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Bojan Marichikj who stressed in a TV interview that the road has been cleared about the constitutional amendments.

Mickoski stressed this during the opening of the new cinemain Shtip as part of the field activity “This is Macedonia for Everyone”.

The opposition leader added that he understands the people in power and their nervousness because they do not have legitimacy and are not elected by the people, and each day more in power represents a tender for them and their enrichment.

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