Risteski: Communal hygiene should be a priority – citizens expect work, not inappropriate language like Arsovska’s


President of the VMRO-DPMNE Local Self-Government Commission Marjan Risteski spoke about the city of Skopje at Tuesday’s panel “Challenges of the capital and local self-government as a service to the citizens” which is part of the action “Messages from real life – This is Macedonia for Everyone” and Mayor Arsovska clearly stressed that what was happening to the city due to Arsovska’s incompetence was unacceptable.

“Communal hygiene should be a priority. We are used to having some kind of circus happening in the city every week or month and the blame is always pointed at others. I don’t know if the mayor, Mrs. Danela Arsovska, has had a fight with anyone. He quarreled with the advisers, quarreled with the political parties, quarreled with the media, with the directors of public companies and always transferred his inability to lead and manage to other people. She often uses inappropriate language that does not suit a person who holds 3 or 4 positions in a row in the state. In my opinion, this is unacceptable,” said Risteski.

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