Kumanovo Court Archive fire looks very suspicious, says opposition


Considering that DUI and SDS do not hesitate to use any means to cover their crimes, it won’t be surprising if the fire of the Kumanovo Court archive was deliberate, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Let’s remember that if the judiciary does not directly protect the crime of DUI and SDS, then it loses the cases, accidents happen such as being flooded or stuck in a drawer. But as the end of this government approaches, they become more and more nervous and insecure. Setting fire to an archive in the Kumanovo court at an hour and a half after midnight, when no one is or should be in the building for hours, is an indicative case. It will not surprise us if they blame an extension cord again, or maybe a spark, high night temperatures or maybe a meteor are the causes of the fire,” said the largest opposition party.

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