City of Skopje is blocking us on every field, says Gjorgjievski


For a long time, there has been almost no cooperation with the City of Skopje, says the mayor of the Kisela Voda municipality, Orce Gjorgjievski, in Sunday’s interview with Radio Free Europe.
The mayor believes that by disbanding the company Communal Hygiene – Skopje, the Skopje municipalities should receive the credentials, in order to obtain better hygiene in the city, but also to avoid party employments.
“There are few areas where we have cooperation, almost nowhere. It’s been happening, not this past month or week, but it’s been going on for months. We practically have a blockade on every field by the city of Skopje and public enterprises, and the whole situation culminated in the evening when we practically went in to finish the work as mayors of the Skopje municipalities, for those who should finish their work, but they had not finished it,” says Gjorgjievski for RFE and claims that since he has been in office, his party has not asked him for employment along party lines.

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