“Shansa za Centar” submits initiative to Constitutional Court for Bunjakovec and Treska DUP


On July 14, the civil initiative “Shansa za Centar” and attorney Susana Joshevska from Skopje submitted an initiative to evaluate the constitutionality and legality of the DUP for Bunjakovec, which includes the area of the former Treska factory, in order to prevent its further implementation, which will harm the public interest.

The plan for Bunjakovec poses risks to the health, safety of the local community and quality of life. The DUP reflects the planning practice of the past decade, with the main feature being an increase in housing areas and the number of residents. At the same time, the areas under greenery, public areas and facilities with social or educational purpose are decreasing. That’s why “Shansa za Centar” and attorney Joshevska ask the Constitutional Court to repeal it and protect the citizens’ right to a clean and healthy living environment,” said the civil Initiative in a press release on Thursday.

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