Geleva tells EU: We do not believe the double, triple and countless measures with which you want Macedonia to disappear from the memory of civilization


Emilia Geleva, member of the United Macedonia EC for foreign policy and head of the Union of Women, addressed the public on Monday in connection with the visit and pressure from ministers of EU member states to change the Constitution:

“In the past few days there were current visits of some kind of administrators – called ministers from the EU, even six of them came to promise us honey and milk with the EU, only if we change the Constitution once again to insert a handful of newly enlightened Bulgarians and thus finally abolish ourselves as a Macedonian nation and as a country. We have heard such lies and deceitful games in the last thirty years since independence from many western political characters, and the incompetent, sold out, and frightened domestic executors – politicians, brought Macedonia to the edge of the abyss despite the will of the people clearly expressed in the two referendums for independence on September 8, 1991, and in the referendum against changing the name for NATO and EU membership held September 30, 2018,” Geleva said.

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