Grubi’s Audi was bought by a company that took over a hotel in Shapka at the price of a studio apartment


Grubi’s Audi bought by Euro Kom Lighting, which takes over a hotel in Shapka from a construction company at the price of a studio apartment.

According to the data that appeared in the media, Euro Kom Lighting is a company that bought a hotel on Mount Popova Shapka for only 55,000 euros from a construction company, which then received a million-dollar tender from the government.

The media reported that Euro Kcom Lighting received the hotel as a prerequisite for the construction company to win the tender.

According to our information, Grubi’s Audi is new, manufactured in 2021, and according to the DUI ministers themselves, it is Artan Grubi’s vehicle. Which company and which businessman buys and assigns a vehicle worth 80,000 euros to a politician for service?,” asked VMRO-DPMNE.


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