Prilep marks 66 years since Metodija Andonov-Chento’s death


A delegation of the Municipality of Prilep and the Council of the Municipality of Prilep led by Mayor Borche Jovcheski, as well as delegations from political parties laid fresh flowers Monday in front of Metodija Andonov-Chento’s monument in the center of the city to commemorate the 66th anniversary of his death.

Metodija Andonov – Chento was a renowned Macedonian national fighter and politician and the first president of the Presidium of ASNOM. He was born in Prilep on August 17, 1902, and died on July 24, 1957, in his hometown.

For a long time after his death, Chento was a taboo subject and rarely mentioned in books and textbooks. In 1990, after the independence of Macedonia, at the request of his son Ilija Andonov – Chento, the court repeated the criminal proceedings against Chento, and the decision of the court from 1946 was annulled.

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