Minister of the Environment: We do not know if there will be arbitration for the Ilovica-Stuka mine


It is not unusual for any minister to request a decision to be reconsidered by the Government, as was the case with the decision to merge the concessions for the Ilovica-Shtuka gold and copper mine, said the Minister of the Environment Kaja Shukova on Saturday.
Shukova points out that at the moment it is not known for sure whether an arbitration procedure will be opened for the case and that it is now only an assumption. The minister informs that the Government follows the events and works according to the laws and believes that if the investor opens such a procedure, the outcome will not be borne by the citizens.
“At the last session of the Government, the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi explained in detail the entire procedure related to the mines in the past almost two decades, and the Government decided to cancel the decision to merge the concessions of Euromax Resources. How the procedure will continue depends on the Ministry of Economy,” Shukova said.

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