Nothing special in the Ilinden Declaration, it does not have to be adopted immediately, says SDSM


The media, the public, and the opposition in the Parliament have not even seen the announced declaration about the Ilinden Uprising, which was submitted by the SDSM on the eve of the holiday. Its submitter Darko Kaevski and even the coordinator Jovan Mitrevski are silent about the content of this declaration.
An affirmative declaration with which we once again factually confirm what is our formal and essential commitment and what is deeply engraved in our collective memory, let me tell our people. That is, there is nothing special. We signed it as MPs and it has been submitted,” said SDSM’s Snezhana Kalevska Vancheva.
According to the ruling party official, the fact that the Ilinden Declaration will not be adopted before the Ilinden holiday itself is not an issue.

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