The announcement of DUI ministers resignations is a classic, but also recognizable bluff, claims DS


The announcement of the resignations of the DUI ministers is a classic, but also recognizable bluff, said the Democratic Union (DS) in a reaction on Monday.

“DUI, as the party most responsible for the criminalization of the state, blocking the reforms of the judicial system, the abuse of the Badenter and the balancer, the huge number of failed capital investments, as well as the collapse of state institutions, are sufficient reasons for withdrawing from power. DIU, along with Marichikj and Kovachevski, lead the foreign policy, which threatened European integration by accepting Bulgaria’s unfounded demands and incorporating them into the Negotiating Framework, especially regarding the change of the Constitution and historical and educational issues, without wider consultations. To begin with, Bujar Osmani should be removed from office, who with his decisions directly threatened the national interests of the Macedonians, as well as other citizens, and threatened the European prospects of Macedonia,” reads the reaction by the Democratic Union.


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