Democratic Union proposes a minimum pension of EUR 300


The Democratic Union (DS) is the first party that seven years ago proposed a minimum salary of 300 euros and a minimum pension of 200 euros. There was a debate in the Parliament, but no agreement to determine a minimum wage, despite the fact that this is the practice in the EU. Later, the minimum wage and a mechanism for its adjustment were determined.
But for the definition of a minimum pension, there is still no agreement from the parties in power. Instead, packages, one-time social measures, financial aid are still being proposed, without a system and methodology for determining the minimum pension and harmonizing it with living costs, inflation and wage growth, due to the high growth of prices, primarily of basic food products, but also of medicines, energy, etc.
The Democratic Union proposes for a minimum pension of 300 euros to be determined and to define a methodology for the growth and adjustment of pensions.

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