Journalist sends death threats to Alfa TV journalist Goran Momirovski


Late Wednesday night, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) informed the media through a statement that there was a “desire for liquidation by the journalist who allegedly directed death threats to journalist Goran Momiroski”.

“It is obvious that the organizations in the founding and operation of which colleague Momiroski participated, without his involvement, give a result that in the last seven years is completely devastating for journalism as a profession. We welcome the calm and reasonable reaction of respected colleague Momiroski, who, although he is not a member of the AJM, has an open invitation to join the AJM and truly work together for the protection of journalists and media reforms,” said the Association.

Namely, a journalist working for the news website Nezavisen, Slobodanka Jovanovska, wrote “The only thing you should do now is disappear” on a satirical post posted by the journalist of the show “Sleep if you can”, Goran Momiroski.

In the post, Momiroski jokingly notes that today none of the government’s apologists will threaten the Macedonian people if there are no constitutional changes, to which Jovanovska publicly wishes him dead, that is, “to disappear”.

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