Najchevska: SDSM has been in power for 7 years and they have no idea what to do in that position


Is Demachi’s name included in the list of names approved by the Government? If it is not, then the renaming is null and void,” reminds professor Mirjana Najchevska in connection with the “private” visit of Albin Kurti to Chair and the renaming of the street Second Macedonian Strike Brigade, after the Kosovo politician Adem Demachi. Kurti’s behavior is equal to the Bulgarian assimilationists and makes Macedonia an enemy of Kosovo.
Macedonian political subjects who use Kurti to raise their own ratings present themselves as extreme nationalists who cannot be part of the construction of European Macedonia, says Professor Mirjana Najchevska in a Facebook post.
Najchevska calls out the “ruling” party:
“And let me remind SDSM that they have been in power for 7 years and that they show every day that they have no idea what to do in that position.”

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