EUR 1.8 million of people’s money to be spent on the December OSCE Council – EUR 100 thousand will go to the account of the Government’s favorite PR agency – Rating


A working atmosphere for preparation for the December OSCE ministerial council that will be held there, for which 1.8 million euros of public money have been cashed. Despite the scandalous information that this money goes to the account of a company owned by the nephew of the former minister of DUI, AbdulakimAdemi, Elmedin, it is obvious that Ademi is not affected, and neither is anyone from the government, Alfa reports.

In the meantime, an agreement concluded by the MFA with the Government’s favorite PR agency, Rating, also appeared. The agency gets 100 thousand euros to organize and promote the conference. It is unclear why, when the Ministry also has a public relations service, but so does the Government.

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