Kovachki: the MoI hides that the Ropotovo shooting rifle with was not found; Spasovski is directly responsible for the chaos in the Ministry of and the country


Spasovski’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) knew, but was silent about the event in which the commander of the police station, other police officers, military personnel and other civilians caused a general danger and used automatic and other weapons purely for their own entertainment, in the middle of a populated area and in a crowd of people, VMRO-DPMNE MP and the party’s EC member Dragan Kovachki said in a social media post on Tuesday.

“According to the Ministry of Interior, a large amount of various weapons and ammunition were found during the searches, and a report was filed against the commander of the station only for causing a general danger. What is even more tragic, the event was attended by persons from the closest leadership of SVR Bitola in whose presence the rampage with firearms took place. Will there be criminal liability for the managers of SVR Bitola because they hid the event?

Spasovski, you are a minister for the 8th year and you are directly responsible for the chaos in the Ministry of Interior and in the country,” said Kovachki.



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