Miteva: DUI’s donor companies are their mine for money, the tender of EUR 1.8 million is a serious suspicion of abuse of office by Osmani


“DUI’s donor companies are their money mine. Practically, every minister in DUI has his own company. And each minister concludes tenders privately through that company. Most likely, the nephews of DUI officials all have a strong entrepreneurial spirit,” VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Such is the case with Bujar Osmani, who, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, will pay Eurovia LLC 1.8 million euros, citizens’ money, to adapt the Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall. Eurovia LLC is owned by Eurovia Holding, in which, apart from Elmedin Ademi, nephew of the former minister of DUI, Abdulakim Ademi, the owner is also Eldin Ademi, the head of the DUI branch in Jegunovce.


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