Deputy PM Marichikj: Be assured that we will join the EU in 2030


Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs BojanMarichikj said Friday that the country will join the European Union in 2030, and the commitment to joining the EU is aimed at preserving stability, prosperity, cooperation and success.

“Recently I’ve been asked why are you in such a hurry? Why do you insist that difficult decisions should be made this year? Why reforms, why now? We have time to wait. We will wait for better times, the position of some other countries that we think are an obstacle to us today will weaken, our position will strengthen. I tell them that in 2030 there will be admission of new members to the EU. The representatives of Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania will stand on such a stage. We will do everything to have the representatives of our homeland standing on that stage. What will we tell young people if we fail to stop there in 2030? How will we explain to them that this year we were not ready to make decisions for them to have a European passport in 2030,” stressed Marichikj.

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