Macedonia 2025 to present two Awards for contribution to members of the diaspora


Macedonia 2025, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, will present two additional awards for the contribution of members of the diaspora to the development of the Republic of Macedonia for 2023. Winners of the Recognition for contribution of members of the diaspora are: Stan Thomas from Canada for his exceptional contribution to the Macedonian community in the field of philanthropy, social influence and humanitarian work and Vlatko Andonovski from the USA for his contribution in the field of leadership and advocacy.

This Macedonia 2025 initiative, under the auspices of President Pendarovski, is intended for individuals, members of the diaspora, who, regardless of when and where they were born, are an inseparable part of the national fabric of the Macedonian people, as a symbolic recognition of their selfless and continuous engagement and contribution in different spheres towards the native land. The recognition for the contribution of members of the diaspora to the development of the Republic of N. Macedonia pays respect and public recognition to the members of the diaspora who individually or through their organizations and groups during the past years have made a significant contribution to the economic and/or social development of the country, or promotion of the country internationally, through various forms such as donations, investments, volunteer work, etc.

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