Тhe fault lies with the Constitutional Court for the scandalous 78 percent increase in officials’ salaries, while the people are starving


Think about another moment: if the Constitutional Court had repealed that article from the law. That would mean that we would go back more than 10 years ago and pay all the officials who were appointed during this period and add the penal interest according to the law. It would represent a financial bomb for the budget, said Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi in a debate on TV Klan.

He explained the procedure, which led to the decision of the Constitutional Court, which requested an opinion from the Government and the relevant institutions to declare on the relevant article of the law.

“In the specific case, the Government gave an opinion that that article should not be abolished and that the freezing of salaries should continue as it was. But the decision of the Constitutional Court is like this, regardless of the Government’s opinion,” stressed Besimi.

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