Government pays a record USD 26 million for licenses, but nothing for medicines and textbooks, accuses opposition


The Government’s favorite companies, previously favored by DragiRashkovski as the secretary  general of the Government, have again received a tender for software licenses worth over 26 million dollars, said the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE NaumStoilkovski on Monday.

“On September 1st, an agreement was signed between the government, on whose behalf General Secretary MetodijaDimovski signed, and the company Aitoniksfrom Skopje, and already on September 5th, this agreement entered into force.

This contract is for software licenses, and with calculated VAT weighs 26 million 429 thousand and 350 dollars. It is impossible not to note that this contract of over 26 million dollars cost 15 million euros in 2020.

The question arises, how is it possible that a licensing agreement, which 3 years ago was worth 15 million euros, now weighs more than 26 million dollars,” said the spokesperson of the largest opposition party.

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