Chicago also declares September 2023 as Macedonian American Heritage Month


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson too has proclaimed September 2023 as Macedonian American Heritage Month, after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer proclaimed September 2023 as Macedonian American Heritage Month in Michigan, Voice of America (VOA) reported.

“Chicago is home to a proud and vibrant Macedonian American community that has bolstered the city in the realms of art and music, business and finance, law and government, education and social service, and science and medicine,” Mayor Johnson said in the proclamation.

He underlined that the Macedonian-American community this month marks 32 years since the independence of the Republic of North Macedonia, calling on “all residents to join in celebrating the many contributions of the Macedonian Americans.”

On September 23, President Stevo Penadrovski is set to visit Chicago to attend an event organized by Macedonia2025.

In addition to Chicago, Macedonian culture is also celebrated this month in the city of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where the city authorities announced that the Macedonian flag will be hoisted in front of the municipality until the end of September.

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