Kovachevski is turning Makedonski Telekom into a family-owned company, accuses VMRO-DPMNE


Makedonski Telekom, a company in which the state also has part of the ownership, has become a den of nepotism. Dimitar Kovachevski and SDS think only how to reward and promote the people close to them on the backs of the citizens, VMRO-DPMNE accused on Monday.

“Nikola Ljushev, who is considered close to Dimitar Kovachevski, as the director of Makedonski Telekom, first hires his wife, Natasha Ljusheva in 2020 in Telekom, and now promotes her to the position of chief manager for the digitization sector.

The husband Ljushev is the executive director, the wife Ljusheva among the first 10 managers in Telekom. A classic case of nepotism.

The Ljushev family were not satisfied with the director’s salary of over 11,500 euros per month, now they will take a few thousand euros more per month from their wife’s managerial position, while the citizens cannot even get through the month with two average salaries,” said the largest opposition party.

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