Minimum wage to go up by at least 10 percent next year, says Bekteshi


At the beginning of next year, the minimum wage will increase by at least 10 percent, said the Macedonian Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi on Thursday.

Inflation in the food sector should be around 5-6 percent, and general inflation, said Bekteshi, at 7-8 percent.

According to the minister, as of July 2023, the increase in wages exceeds the increase in inflation.

“According to all the data and the methodology established by the Government for increasing wages, starting from the minimum wage, at the beginning of the next year according to all the data and those we have as institutions, the minimum wage will increase by a minimum of 10 percent, since we have 14 percent increase in average salary. Inflation should be around 5-6 percent in the food sector, and 7-8 percent in general. In this way, the increase in wages exceeds the increase in inflation, starting from July this year. The increase will be even greater by the end of the year and with the decisions of the Government, but also with the practices and ways of working, especially the larger markets,” Bekteshi pointed out.

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