Pensioners have VMRO-DPMNE’s full support, the authorities must come to their senses and meet their expectations


During Saturday’s visit to the municipality of Brvenica, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, emphasizes that he expects the authorities to come to their senses regarding the demands of the pensioners and stressed that the pensioners have VMRO-DPMNE’s full support.

“The government says that there is no room for an agreement because it spent 200 million euros, and from them you can see that there is not even a shovel, not a single trench has been dug for that capital project, and this is money that usually ends up in private pockets as a result of a commission. That’s why there is none for the pensioners. I expect that the Government will come to its senses and act according to the needs of the pensioners because inflation, expensive life and what is happening practically destroys the standard of the citizens on a daily basis,” Mickoski pointed out.



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